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The Centre for X-ray Imaging aims supporting projects in RDI (research, development and innovation) by providing skills and resources in the field of X-ray imaging to partners from industry or academia.

Our offer comprises both research and a range of services adapted to your needs.


  • 2022-09-01 | Konstantinos Giannoukos just joined DMEX. In close partnership with TotalEnergies, Konstantinos will develop correlative imaging strategies for energy materials.
  • 2022-07-11 | The czech company Filmondo is shooting a promotional video at DMEX to support the international launch of the Tescan UniTOM XL spectral.
  • 2022-06-01 | For the 2nd time, DMEX is offering access to the facility within the framework of the EXCITE Transnational Access programme. Apply before August 31st, 2022 via the EXCITE website.
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Recent publications

  • Calibration-free retrieval of density information from computed tomography data, 2022
  • Biological, Geological and Chemical Effects of Oxygen Injection in Underground Gas Storage Aquifers in the Setting of Biomethane Deployment, 2022
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