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The Centre for X-ray Imaging aims supporting projects in RDI (research, development and innovation) by providing skills and resources in the field of X-ray imaging to partners from industry or academia.

Our offer comprises both research and a range of services adapted to your needs.


  • 2018-09-03 | Hugo Saur just joined UMS 3360 DMEX and UMR 5150 LFCR to start a PhD thesis on matrix deformation.
  • 2018-09-03 | Yasin Amani just joined UMS 3360 DMEX as teaching and research assistant.
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Recent publications

  • Permeability estimation using vortex-based method and synthetic samples from X-ray micro-CT, 2018
  • How does a rock matrix accommodate strain in marls? Looking for answers using AMS, X-ray diffraction and X-ray microtomography, 2018
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