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QHSE policy


From day one, DMEX has been committed to put a quality management system in place. Its main objective is to structure and streamline our organization enabling to continuously improve our efficiency and to adequately respond to the needs of all stakeholders. Hereby we fully comply with all legal and regulatory requirements.

To realize this objective, DMEX focuses on three axes:

  1. Consolidating the institute. This involves:
    • developing financial autonomy
    • developing and diversifying our offer and ensuring its adequacy
    • diversifying our partnerships
    • building loyal partnerships
    • improving our visibility and reputation
  2. Involving the whole team.
  3. Continuously improving our professionalism and satisfing our stakeholders. More particularly:
    • respecting schedules and being responsive
    • guaranteeing an excellent collaboration that lives up to the expectations
    • complying with all legal and regulatory requirements
    • maintaining good relations


DMEX has defined its quality management system and built its organization around 5 processes. Each one has a clearly defined objective.

The interactions between these processes are schematically depicted on the figure below.

November 2017, DMEX obtained the ISO 9001 certification for its activities of "project definition", "project execution" and "instrument access". The certificate can be consulted here.