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Our team

Our team is currently composed of 10 motivated people and we can rely on the help of Joseph DIAZ (safety), Marie-Laure RIUS (administrative support), Catherine MAUPEU (quality management) and the various services of our trustees (UPPA and CNRS) and partners. Four more recruitments are foreseen in 2024.

Peter MOONEN Peter Moonen
Peter Moonen is Professor at Pau University and Director of the Centre for X-ray Imaging. He manages the research program of the centre, with a special emphasis on the development of instruments, algorithms and tools permitting to generate unique experimental data.
Pascale SENECHAL Pascale Sénéchal
Pascale Senechal is Engineer at Pau University and Chief Exploitation at the Centre for X-ray Imaging. She coordinates the planning and is concerned with all aspects of quality assurance, ranging from instrument calibration, up to the definition of procedures for data acquisition and treatment.
Hannelore DERLUYN Hannelore Derluyn
Hannelore Derluyn is CNRS associate scientist. She is winner of the CNRS bronze medal and holds an ERC starting grant. Her main field of research is salt crystallization in porous media.
Sonia AIT HAMOUDA Sonia Ait Hamouda
Sonia Ait Hamouda is PhD student at Pau University.
Stephane FAUCHER Stéphane Faucher
Stéphane Faucher is research engineer at the University of Pau. At the X-Ray Imaging Center he deals with imaging projects at the interface with environmental applications.
David PINO David Pino
David Pino is research engineer at the CNRS. At the X-Ray Imaging Center he develops advanced setups for in situ x-ray imaging experiments.
Rebecca LIYANAGE Rebecca Liyanage
Rebecca is postdoc at Pau University. In close collaboration with our industrial partner TotalEnergies, she is investigating convective dissolution of CO2 in deep aquifers.
Elisa BOUASSA Elisa Bouassa
Elisa Bouassa is trainee at Pau University. She aims at testing whether adsorption isotherms on biochars can be successfully obtained with the help of X-ray imaging.
Thibaut EPAILLARD Thibault Epaillard
Thibault Epaillard is trainee at Pau University. He develops a method to better visualise the microstructure insulation materials with X-ray imaging.
Syrine BEN ELHADJ HAMIDA Syrine Ben Elhadj Hamida
Syrine Ben Elhadj Hamida is a postdoc at the University of Pau. Her research takes place in the context of the ERC project “PRD Trigger” and focuses on the study of salt crystallization in porous media.

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