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Our team

Our team is currently composed of 6 motivated people and we can rely on the help of Joseph DIAZ (radiation safety), Marie-Laure RIUS (administrative support), Catherine MAUPEU (quality management), Christophe Merlet (IT support) and the various services of our trustees (UPPA and CNRS) and partners. One further recruitment is foreseen in 2017.

Peter MOONEN Peter Moonen
Peter Moonen is Professor at Pau University and Director of the Centre for X-ray Imaging. He manages the research program of the centre, with a special emphasis on the development of instruments, algorithms and tools permitting to generate unique experimental data.
Pascale SENECHAL Pascale Sénéchal
Pascale Senechal is Engineer at Pau University and Chief Exploitation at the Centre for X-ray Imaging. She coordinates the planning and is concerned with all aspects of quality assurance, ranging from instrument calibration, up to the definition of procedures for data acquisition and treatment.
img/team_anonymous.png Fabrice Guerton
Fabrice Guerton is Engineer at Pau University and Chief Instrumentation at the Centre for X-ray Imaging. He develops advanced experimental setups that optimally respond to the needs of the users. He is also deploying the tomographs and performing data analysis (a.o. image processing). Furthermore Fabrice is responsible for safety and prevention.
Prisca ANDRIAMANANJAONA Prisca Andriamananjaona
Prisca Andriamananjaona is PhD student at Pau University, working closely together with the company Total. Her thesis focuses on the study of the wettability state in reservoir rocks and its characterization. This study aims interpreting macroscopic wettability indicators, such as the Amott-Harvey index, by means of pore scale analysis based on X-ray microtomography and image processing.
Franck NONO Franck Nono
Franck Nono is a post-doctoral researcher at Pau University. He is focused on interpreting multiphase flow (brine/crude oil) in mini-plugs using X-ray micro-tomography. In collaboration with Total, the main idea is to understand and reduce capillary end-effects at different wettability states. It's a crucial issue in minimizing the gap between X-ray tomography analyzes and experimental observations.
Abdelali DADDA Abdelali Dadda
Abdelali Dadda is teaching and research assistant at Pau University. He will teaches at the Faculty of Sciences & Technology and he participates in several research projects at the Centre for X-ray Imaging. The main focus of his research is the development of setups ant analysis tools enabling the study of dynamic systems.

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