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Our facilities


The 60m² laboratory creates an optimal environment for conducting state-of-the-art research for academia and industry alike.

X-ray tomographs

We dispose of 3 complementary micro-CT systems, covering a wide range of materials, resolutions and sample sizes, and offer both testing under ambient conditions or under controlled pressure and temperature.

Hard- and software

For reconstructing and analyzing the Gigabytes of data which are produced in a typical experimental run, we employ high-performance workstations (CPU/GPU) or -for larger needs- we rely on Pyrene, the >800-core computer cluster of UPPA. Long-term data storage is handled on a 48TB RAID5 storage bay, which is mirrored to an off-site location to minimize the risk of data loss in case of an accident.

To optimally respond to the imaging needs of academia and industry alike, we dispose of a state-of-the art image processing, exploration and analysis software suite, encompassing both commercial packages such as Avizo and Xlab-Hydro, as well as open-source alternatives such as imageJ and our in-house software under development based on ITK/VTK libraries.