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Endommagement matriciel des gaz shales (ENDOMA)

Quick facts

project type ISIFoR
duration Oct 2015 - Oct 2016
project partners GET, UPPA - LFCR, UPPA - IPREM
scientific responsible Charles Aubourg (UPPA)
contributors Charles Aubourg (UPPA - LFCR), Tiphaine Boiron (UPPA - DMEX), Jean-Paul Callot (UPPA - LFCR), David Gregoire (UPPA - LFCR), Guilhem Hoareau (UPPA - LFCR), Claudie Josse (Université Toulouse III - Centre Raimond Castaing), François Martin (GET), Peter Moonen (UPPA - LFCR), Eve Pere (UPPA - IPREM), Valier Poydenot (UPPA - LFCR), Pascale Sénéchal (UPPA - DMEX)


The project aims at quantifying anisotropy at different scales. Our contribution consists in quantifying the anisotropy of different rock specimens at the microscale by means of tomographic measurements.