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Caractérisation micrométrique de la structure et de la chimie des roches (MicrotoXMEB)

Quick facts

project type ISIFoR
duration Nov 2016 - Nov 2018
project partners Université Toulouse III - Centre Raimond Castaing, UPPA - LFCR
scientific responsible Pascale Sénéchal (UPPA)
contributors Charles Aubourg (UPPA - LFCR), Tiphaine Boiron (UPPA - DMEX), Jean-Paul Callot (UPPA - LFCR), Fabrice Guerton (UPPA), Claudie Josse (Université Toulouse III - Centre Raimond Castaing), Peter Moonen (UPPA - LFCR), Pascale Sénéchal (UPPA - DMEX)


The project MicrotoXMEB aims to develop a methodology which allows combining information from three complementary sources, namely X-ray tomography, SEM and EDS. This would enable obtaining a detailed characterisation of the morphology of rocks as well as their transport properties.