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Mouillabilité : concilier les approches microscopiques et macroscopiques (3M)

Quick facts

project type collaboration agreement
duration Dec 2016 - Apr 2020
project partners ADERA, CNRS, TotalEnergies - E&P, UPPA
scientific responsible Peter Moonen (UPPA)
contributors Prisca Andriamananjaona (UPPA - LFCR), Manuel Chamerois (TotalEnergies - E&P), Peter Moonen (UPPA - LFCR), Richard Rivenq (TotalEnergies - E&P)


The petroleum sector relies on Amott Harvey tests for characterising wettability. The advent of imaging techniques permits making pore-scale observations of key parameters affecting wettability. The main goal the project 3M is therefore to link both types of information.