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Impact des Nouveaux Gaz dans les Stockages (RINGS)

Quick facts

project type collaboration agreement
duration Apr 2017 - Sep 2021
project partners ADERA, CNRS, Storengy, Teréga, UPPA
scientific responsible Pierre Cezac (UPPA)
contributors Franck Castéran (UPPA - LaTEP), Guilhem Caumette (Teréga), Pierre Cezac (UPPA - LaTEP), Pierre Chiquet (Teréga), David Dequidt (Storengy), Marion Guignard (UPPA - IPREM), Perla Haddad (UPPA - LaTEP), Guilhem Hoareau (UPPA - LFCR), Marie-Pierre Isaure (UPPA - IPREM), Marie Larregieu (UPPA - IPREM), Isabelle Le Hécho (UPPA - IPREM), Peter Moonen (UPPA - LFCR), Jean Mura (UPPA - LaTEP), Anthony Ranchou-Peyruse (UPPA - IPREM), Magali Ranchou-Peyruse (UPPA - LaTEP-IPREM), Pascale Sénéchal (UPPA - DMEX), Isabelle Svahn (Université de Bordeaux - BIC)


This project aims at understanding how so-called green gases such as biomethane and hydrogen interact with underground reservoirs.